Taking Notice (And Pre-Orders)

potter-games.jpgThe countdown to HP7 continues. Meanwhile, media attention has started to grow (either because outlets are sensing the magnitude of this event or because they are sick of receiving notices from yours truly and so they decided it was easier to shut me up by publishing something). In addition to the post Northfield.org generously published that I mentioned previously, this week the big city paper ran a piece that you might want to check out. As I understand it, the Northfield News is also planning an advance.

At River City Books they are spreading the word about the big bash as well. In addition to the cool countdown board on the door, they have put up a small display that includes a neat little package of free Potteresque word games that are fun for the whole family (if the whole family reads the books, which, let’s face it, they probably do). I saw a kid’s face light up the other day when he was handed one of those freebies.

Say, I shouldn’t end this post without reminding you that RCB continues to accept pre-orders — until July 15, that is. So if you haven’t signed up for the 30-percent discount you have just a few days to do so!

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