The Heat Was Insane; The Deals Were, Too

We all think the “crazy” in Crazy Daze stands for “amazing deals” or “whacky outfits” or the manner in which we eat, throwing all nutritional standards to rabid wolves (personally, I am fond of those “porkies” the Lions Club serves up).

And maybe we’re right. But I formed another theory during the 2007 edition Thursday: Perhaps the “crazy” is more literal than we give it credit for. Perhaps it’s called crazy daze because the downtown Northfield bargain bonanza always seems to be held on a day so hot it melts the mind (actual temp-95; “feels like”-135).

I’ll leave that probing scientific question to the meteorologists among us. What I do know is that despite weather so steamy as to test one’s sanity, people came to River City Books in bunches, and they walked away with some pretty sweet deals.

They bought DVDs, CDs, and trade books for 10 percent off, and they found college clothing at prices like they rarely see them anywhere. Of course, they also ventured under the big tent where by my unofficial count they found a gazillion bargain books. Check out the slideshow above for snapshots (click to enlarge).

Inside, where the weather was cool and clear, not only was there a storewide sale, several gathered to listen to Loretta Ellsworth discuss her most recent novel, In Search of Mockingbird, which was on sale for 15 percent off. Thanks to Ms. Ellsworth for making the appearance. She gave an excellent talk about the impetus for writing the book; her experiences researching the book and traveling to Alabama; and her writing career.

I’ve got to go drink some more liquids, but to hear some of Ellsworth’s remarks click below. The intro is slightly muffled (my apologies) but her full talk should be audible.

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