Catching Up With An Amazing Collection

maladies.jpgI may be advanced for a bird, but I have not read every book on the shelf. No, it’s true. Sometimes even great reads slip through my wings and I am stuck in the corner at dinner parties trying to explain why I haven’t read certain titles that everyone else west of the sun seems to have read. Like, say, a dazzling collection of stories about genuine, ordinary people, many of them with a connection to India, seeking love, often in foreign places or in difficult circumstances.

But, eventually, I come around. Eventually my shame is packed up and put away. For a few minutes anyway.

I may have been a few years late but this weekend I finally read Interpreter of Maladies and, wow, I see why it won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize and a slew of other awards.

It’s masterful storytelling. Simple in the best use of that term. Author Jumpa Lahiri doesn’t feel the need to explain everything. She let’s her characters do the heavy lifting. Perhaps the strongest part of this book is the authenticity of the characters. I felt I could feel their struggle, their pain, I could hear their words, and see their faces. As a friend who also read the book said to me, the author’s writing “illuminated the ordinary.”

Now, I am sure you’ve probably read this book already. But if, by chance, you haven’t I know the place to pick it up.

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