No Need To Settle On One Month

book-clipart.gifSpeaking of reading groups, as I did with yesterday’s announcement of tomorrow’s meeting of the River City Books fiction book club, did you know that October is National Reading Group Month?

It’s true. In honor of its 90th birthday, the Women’s National Book Association has so created that designation.

Initially the idea of Martha Burns and Alice Dillon, the authors of “Reading Group Journal: Notes in the Margin,” National Reading Group Month supplement’s the association’s mission to “promote reading and the value of books,” president Laurie Beckelman said. “Much like its own beginnings in the social movements of the early 20th century — supporting the value of books and reading — WNBA recognizes reading groups in the U.S. as a major grass-roots phenomenon.”

Well, you should know, in case you didn’t already, that every month is Reading Group Month down at the neighborhood bookstore. That’s because RCB has an ongoing series of promotions to help groups get started and keep running. They offer discounts to group members who register and even a comfy meeting place in which to hold meetings — if the groups so choose. Of course, the discount applies even if your club meets in your garage.

If you’re in a book club and it hasn’t yet registered with the store, don’t wait any longer. It’s only costing you money. And if you’re not in a book club, there’s no better month to grab some buddies and get started.

Call the store (507-646-7754) or just drop on by any day of the week.

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