Haven’t You Heard?

boss.JPGIt happens all the time. Folks walk into the neighborhood bookstore and they slap their foreheads (not so hard that it leaves mark; it’s more of a metaphor, really) when they see the display of new music on the wall near the entrance. I didn’t know they sold music, too! That’s what they always say. Excited like.

At that point, I usually walk up, grab the person’s startled shoulders and say, “where have you been, good man?”

OK, I don’t do that. I don’t do that because (a), I’m a nicer bird than that and (b), I’d prefer to keep this gig.

But it’s not breaking news that River City sells more than books. Store manager and music maven Jon Lee has really built quite a collection of albums that seems to expand each week. And people are noticing.

I was looking through the latest offerings the other night and saw a title that had me “on fire” as if I was back in my “glory days.” Yep, The Boss has a new one out. I snapped this pic as proof. My favorite track on the album so far is “Nowhere Radio.” In case you were wondering.

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