Maltman Reads from ‘The Night Birds’ (Audio)

maltman-reads.JPGYou know, writers tend to be the shy-quiet types. Men and women who communicate best while in front of a machine or on a tablet of paper are not often the sort who do well speaking in front of a crowd or in groups of people they don’t know. (Not that I know anything about this!) Thomas Maltman showed Wednesday night he’s clearly an exception to that line of thinking.

Maltman, author of the recently published and critically acclaimed The Night Birds, did a terrific job presenting his book last night at River City Books. He met with readers before and after. He read from two sections of the book that certainly hooked a at least one person who said she might not otherwise have wanted a copy. And, my favorite part of the discussion, he made articulate and interesting points about the process of writing this book — his first — and getting it published while teaching and raising a family.

Afterward, he signed copies and answered questions — every last one thrown at him. It was a great event in large part because he made it one. I have to thank to the customers who attended and to Mr. Maltman for his time.

Hey, if you missed the event but would still like to hear Maltman’s presentation, I caught some audio. Click below or subscribe via iTunes.

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