We Went to Italy and Met an Attractive Pauper

heather.jpgThose who filled the performance half of the Contented Cow Thursday night know what a fun time it was to hear Heather McElhatton take us on the sorts of adventures — and force us to make universal life-changing decisions — found in Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over Novel. The best part, though, was that we could fly off to Italy, sell out with the rich guy and not have to be ashamed when we looked at our faces in the the mirror in morning (at least not for that reason).

We also learned how to actually pronounce McElhatton — I know I was puréeing it myself.

sue-and-heather.jpgThanks to Ms. McElhatton for coming to Northfield and to Norm and the rest of the gang down at The Cow for serving as terrific hosts. I took some photos. It was pretty dark in there so please don’t send e-mails telling me what a lousy photographer I am. I already know I could use some work.

By the way, River City Books is still selling copies of “Pretty Little Mistakes” and some of them are even signed by the author.

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