Here’s a Way to Get in the Mood

christie.jpgHalloween is highly under-rated as a holiday. Sure, it’s not a time to give or receive big-ticket items — though there’s perhaps nothing better than a bar of gooey chocolate — but what other day of the year can you dress like the opposite sex or like your favorite politician, go as a fruit (pumpkins aren’t vegetables) or a household appliance and not have people think you’ve forgotten your meds? It’s a beautiful thing. This year you may even want to dress as a certain literary bird and, if so, please do.

This is also a great time to scare and be scared. And down at the neighborhood bookstore they have a display of new Agatha Christie hardcovers for twelve bucks each (click on the photo). No, these aren’t bargain books. They are new books that just happen to be offered at bargain book prices. So even if you’re not going to dress like a toaster or Dick Cheney consider getting in the mood with a book that is perfect for the season.

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