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Music for the Season Ahead

November 25, 2007

bennett.jpgSeems as soon as the stuffing has been stuffed into our bellies everyone turns on the stereo to listen to holiday music. I know in our nest Mrs. Raven gets excited every year as soon as she hears her first carol. And she’s hardly alone.

Well, if you’re among those who enjoy the jingle bells of the season you might want to consider stopping by the old neighborhood bookstore. Yep, their ever-expanding selection of tunes includes a number of great holidays albums.

Here’s a sampling of CDs that store manager and music maven Jon Lee is recommending:

“Irish Christmas: 12 Celtic Carols and Songs”

Low (a band from Duluth) — “Christmas”

James Taylor — “at Christmas”

Aimee Mann — “One More Drifter in the Snow”

Tony Bennett — “Snowfall: Christmas Album”

Diana Krall — “Christmas Songs”

Bing Crosby — “A Crosby Christmas”

Frank Sinatra — “A Jolly Christmas (50th Anniversary Edition)”

There are many more holiday titles available at the store as the music inventory expands seemingly every day. Stop by — for yourself or the music lover in your life.