Can You Believe the Deals Are This Good?

strange.jpgThe throngs are pouring into River City Books’ bargain books area where they are frolicking about the tables and shelves gobbling up great gifts and saving money that can be spent on extra holiday cookies. They are picking up great books for the cost of a frappe-a-chocolate-half-caf-a-chino or whatever it is the kids are ordering at the coffee shop these days.

Here, for example, is one bargain that made my eyes pop out of my little skull: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.

Said a New York Times reviewer about this book: “A reader more distractible than I am might yawn for 300 pages running and still discover several book-length stretches to enjoy. I never yawned. Clarke’s imagination is prodigious, her pacing is masterly and she knows how to employ dry humor in the service of majesty.”

This highly acclaimed book, which retails at $27.95, is now on sale for $5.99. While supplies last.

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