‘Run’ — Don’t Walk — To Buy These Books

run.jpgI apologize that I haven’t written in a few days. I know this has troubled many of you and I am sorry. I caught a bug and was on my back for a couple of days. The only good part of being sick is that there’s plenty of time for reading and, friends, I happened to spend time with a couple of great new books that I am heartily recommending. Two wings up, as it were.

The first is Ann Patchett’s Run. Patchett, of course, wrote Bel Canto, which still sells well, years after it first hit all of the bestseller lists. I loved “Run” because it’s full of terrific characters. It’s sweet and sad and I was grabbed by Patchett’s language and keen insights. People say all the time “I couldn’t put it down.” Well, I could set it down but only long enough to eat.

lobster.jpgThe second book I am imploring you to buy is Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O’Nan. O’Nan has a long list of impressive writing credits but his books have never sold especially well. I think that’s about change. “Last Night at the Lobster” is a slim but poignant examination of working-class people that takes place during the day a Red Lobster closes for the last time. The writing sucked me in.

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2 Comments on “‘Run’ — Don’t Walk — To Buy These Books”

  1. rbhardy3rd Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your recommendation of Run. I’ve posted my own very positive review here. —Rob

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rob. I didn’t know you had a blog — appreciate the link to your fine review. So I have another recommendation to add: Read Rob’s blog.

    -The Raven

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