Follow-Up Also Makes A Great Gift

history.jpgAs a mediocre student, I didn’t get everything I could have out of my education. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart. It’s just that I wasn’t especially bright. So I missed a few things (as they sailed past me, above me, up and over me). In the years since I have tried to make up lost ground (or air) and last year I found an excellent resource — The Intellectual Devotional.

Modeled after bedside books of prayer and contemplation many turn to for spiritual guidance, the national bestseller offers secular wisdom in the form of year’s worth of readings from seven different fields of knowledge.

devotional.jpgFortunately for me, authors David S. Kidder and Noah D. Oppenheim have written a follow-up volume, this one focusing on American history for their selections. From Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin to Martin Luther King Jr., from the Federalist Papers to Watergate, the giant figures, cultural touchstones, and pivotal events in our national heritage provide a year’s worth of reflection and education that, the publish says “will refresh knowledge, revitalize the mind, and open new horizons of intellectual discovery.”

Both of these books have been huge sellers down at the neighborhood bookstore. They are the quintessential gift books, whether for people who want to brush up or those of us who want to learn for the first time all over again.

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