The Last Minute Solution

cards.jpgSay you forgot about someone. It could happen. It has happened. A lot of people — OK, me — forget to buy a gift for a certain someone and then are left scrambling at the last minute. Or maybe you didn’t forget but after scouring the ends of the earth you just can’t find a good gift. These are the maddening problems of the human existence. At least during the holidays.

Fortunately, I have an answer to holiday conundrum: the River City Books gift card.

It’s so fast, so easy, it almost seems funny to mention it. But never forget it is there, always available, a ready Plan B (or Z) whenever you need it. Too, RCB, has a great way to get everything done in one run. Because not only does the store sell gift cards it also sells a great line of holiday greeting cards. Pick out whatever ift card denomination you wish, find a greeting card off the rack (pictured) and — yowsers — you’re ready for the holiday party.

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