You Know What They Say About the Early Bird

bargains.jpgI missed math the day it was taught in school, but let’s talk numbers anyway and see if I can cobble together something that makes sense.

Before the holidays River City Books ordered hundreds and hundreds of bargain books to fill the temporary bargain book annex next door. Holiday shoppers took advantage, of course, but a large selection of titles remain, those priced at $4.98, $5.98, $6.98 and the like. In other words, books that cost half or a quarter of what they once did.

During the just-started sale these same books — the stickers stayed the same — are now an additional 20 percent off. When I whip out my calculator I see that that means the prices are … well … where’s the on switch on this dang thing? … anyway, the books are amazingly cheap. You could fill a bag and still have a small bill.

These are good books, too, as you can see from my photograph (click to enlarge), which captures just some — by no means all — of the options. Here’s the catch: though the sale runs till Jan. 15, the books will not be replaced. Once they are gone, they are. So the earlier you take advantage the more titles you have to choose from.

That’s simple subtraction than even I can compute.

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