Books With a Partisan Slant

weston.jpgIowa. New Hampshire. South Carolina. Nevada. Ahhhh! It’s game on in the race for the White House. Like many folks, I am trying to learn about this historic ongoing story. Of course, there is no endless number of blogs and media outlets on which to turn. But, frankly, they mostly cover the horse race and, when possible, I try to dig deeper (I am used to being in holes).

There are many great political books on the market. There are also a number of biographies and memoirs, such as those of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, which might be useful to those following what looks like a two-person race on the Democratic side. It’s not a bio, but not long ago, John McCain, who seems to have revived his campaign, published a book with an interesting premise.

More than hearing from the candidates, though, I appreciate books that allow me to understand why my candidate so often loses (assuming it’s not because of my endorsement). I recently read The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of a Nation, an eye-opening look at the way people vote. According to author Drew Weston, a psychologist, emotions are a much more important factor than reason or the issues. More than any one finding from his research, I found the book as very useful explanation of human nature and a compelling illustration of effective political persuasion.

One you might want to consider, anyway, if you want to study up.

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