Have You Heard? Racism’s All the Rage

racism.jpgI can always use a good laugh and, no, looking in the mirror no longer gets it done. I was tiptoeing around the neighborhood bookstore the other day and I saw a good hardee-har-har-har: A Practical Guide to Racism by D.H. Dalton.

Before you start picketing or calling in the professional protesters you must know that this book is a tongue-in-check look at the “bright future of racism in one handy, authoritative, and deeply offensive volume.” Dalton is a professor of “racialist studies” and a leading authority on “inferior people of all ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual preferences.”

In the tradition of Birth of a Nation, he is on a mission to clarify the truth about self-supremacy, drawing on eminent scholarship to enlighten a new generation of hate-mongers. Presenting evidence that everyone should be hated (even white people), “A Practical Guide to Racism” contains sparkling bits of useless and hilarious wisdom.

It’s no joke. I mean, this really is a joke. Take a peak and see if you think it’s safe to laugh with the author.

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