Sail Away With This Story

mayflower.jpgI mentioned recently that I have been trying to read about the past (if I don’t know about history how will I know if I have repeated it?) and I just read a great book, Mayflower by Nathan Philbrick, the story of how this nation was settled and the complex, seamy nature of that story.

I appreciate authors who can make history come alive on the page and Philbrick does that, providing a vivid account of how Euro-Americans came to this country seeking a religiously “pure” society. The book traces the voyage of the Mayflower and the settlement of Plymouth Colony — from the arduous Atlantic crossing to the eruption of King Philips War between colonists and Natives decades later.

This is a well-told epic and I am glad I know a little bit more about this important chapter in our nation’s founding. By the way, Philbrick also delves into the first Thanksgiving. Myth or reality? Read the book to find out!

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