Now You See Him

him.jpgIt’s been awhile since I picked up my gratis copy of the current Book Sense picks down at the neighborhood bookstore. Once a month is a good pace. That way my odds of missing out on great books that are not on bestseller lists (but probably should be) decreases like the snow in April. (Oh, the thought!)

As a reminder to those who don’t know, astute booksellers all over the country are responsible for selecting Book Sense picks. A bookseller has to feel strongly enough about a book that he or she will sing its praises in writing as well as to customers.

The current No. 1 pick is Now You See Him by Eli Gottlieb. Says Book Sense: “This nuanced, intelligent novel is told from the point of view of Nick, a man in his thirties facing a collapsing marriage, and life, as tragic events send him on a completely new road. Richly written, this thrilling novel’s twists and revelations gloriously delve into the nature of truth, friendship, marriage, and our own perceptions of ourselves.”

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