Big Changes at River City Books

rainbow.jpgI have something shocking to report, dear readers. Jon Lee, manager of River City Books, has announced that as of today the store’s shelves have been radically and permanently re-arranged.

Instead of traditional areas devoted to novels, cooking, children’s and the like, the store has begun to shelve books by color. Lee and his staff have ordered titles following the colors that resemble, Lee said, “a beautiful rainbow.” Gone is the fiction section. World history is no longer. Instead red books are first, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and so on, right around the store.

Need a book on the Civil War? River City has something over in “Green.” Want a pop-up book? No problem. Check “Yellow” and “Orange.”

Where did the glorious idea come from? “A light just went off in my head,” Lee said, “Then, when we got all of the books re-shelved I just said, ‘Wow — that’s so pretty.’ ”

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3 Comments on “Big Changes at River City Books”

  1. Lois Stratmoen Says:

    April Fool!!!!

  2. Ms. Stratmoen: It is true. You have found me out! Hardee har-har-har.

  3. Leon Rednop Says:

    As long as Jon’s special selection of Mary Engelbreit books remains intact.
    When next in the store, be sure to ask Jon to stock MUCH MORE ENGELBREIT!
    A few posters throughout the store would help too.
    Perhaps an author visit?

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