An Afternoon at the Old, Old Ballgame

swift-event.jpgThere was a time when baseball was played exclusively outdoors and the only thing that was juiced was the ball. That’s right, they used to put licorice sap on the ball. They did this and other fascinating things during the so-called Deadball Era, when men choked up on their bats and boys bunted with pride.

I know what you’re thinking … when did you, oh winged one, become a baseball aficionado?

I didn’t! It’s just that I’ve been reading up on the old national pastime as portrayed in this great new book by one of my closest friends at the old neighborhood bookstore. Speaking of which, Tom Swift, author of Chief Bender’s Burden, will be at River City Books this Saturday, April 5, and he won’t be on the clock. The writer-by-day, RCB-employee-by-night will be reading from, discussing, and signing copies. First pitch: 3 p.m.

bender-display.jpgThe book is on sale for 20 percent off through this free event. If you’d like to learn more about the book — which, by the way, is about more than the baseball — check out’s post on the event.

Thanks to the good folks over there who helped this batty bird (get it?) spread the word.

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