About More Than The Game

I always enjoy attending author events at River City Books and you know I couldn’t miss the one on Saturday. That simply would not have been possible. And I am glad I was there because I learned so much.

Tom Swift, author of Chief Bender’s Burden and a River City Books employee, spoke about his new book and some of those attended were surprised to learn that this is not just a baseball book. It’s a story of a Native American who endured untold prejudice while achieving rare celebrity. It’s a human-interest story. The book’s subject just happened to throw a ball for a living.

The best part of Saturday’s event, at least as I saw things, was the question-and-answer session following Swift’s remarks. Those in the audience came up with such great queries, some shared useful personal insights, and a substantive conversation broke out about the American Indian boarding school experience and the harsh — and often overlooked — racism Charles Bender and others faced. Of course, as noted during the conversation, similar problems linger decades later.

If you had left this book off your reading list because, say, you’re not a baseball fan, I recommend taking another look. And signed copies are available down at the old neighborhood bookstore.

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