The Book Itself Is Gentle

Here’s a book I was waiting for to come out in paperback and — presto! — it has now been done: Al Gore’s Assault on Reason, a national bestseller in hardcover. Not sure about you, but I am tired of important policy debates being washed away by discussions of nearly anything but the merits of the issue at hand.

Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about the book in a rarely issued “starred” review: “As scathing as it is meticulous, Gore’s treatise on reason juggernauts its way through the Bush administration, never even needing to include the controversial nature of Bush’s presidential elections. He identifies the growing concentration of power in the executive branch virtually ignored by mainstream media. Drawing on the great political philosophers of history and his lengthy career in government, Gore contends that the loss of a genuine public forum in the age of radio and television has led to the decay of democracy. He delivers a serious critique of the United States tempered by hope and faith in the restoration of checks and balances.”

As you can see by the accompanying photograph, they now have paperback copies on display down at the old neighborhood bookstore.

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