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Summer School (The Fun Kind)

June 9, 2008

School is out — time to hit the books! Fun books, that is. I was zipping around River City Books the other day and I stopped for a spell in the store’s cool kids area (the area is cool, the kids are normal temperature) and snapped this accompanying photograph, which shows but some of the great new books on display in time summer break.

I am of the mind (remember the size of my noggin as I say that) that kids can get into books without the use of force — if they have access to enjoyable offerings. Doesn’t hurt when they see others digging in, too. The youngest ones especially will love some of the available picture books — fun, fantastic stories filled with colorful artwork.

If nothing else, it’s a great time to stroll into RCB to get equipped for summer trips and create backup plans for rainy days.