Rushdie Remarks, Award

I just heard an interview of Salman Rushie, who is on tour promoting his new novel, The Enchantress of Florence, and I really enjoy listening him to talk. His tongue is almost as sharp and witty as his prose. He thinks well on his toes, which not all writers do (including those who use wings instead). In a coincidence, the interview was recorded a week or so ago, Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children just won the Best of the Booker award after being judged — through an online public vote that drew more than 7,800 responses — to be the greatest book ever to win the Booker Prize. The award was created to mark the Booker’s 40th anniversary.

“I have to say this is just a marvelous moment for me and for ‘Midnight’s Children,’ ” said Rushdie in published reports. “I’m slightly lost for words which usually I’m not.” Referring to the fact that his sons Zafar and Milan accepted the trophy on his behalf, he added, “I think there’s something rather wonderful about my real children accepting a prize for my imaginary children.”

These and other Rushdie novels are available you know where.

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