A Pretty Good Wall

They have their so-called Great Wall over there on the other side of the world not too far from where they’re holding the Olympics (by the way, why isn’t bird watching an Olympic sport?) in a couple of weeks. So! I know a pretty darn good wall or two myself and, wouldn’t you know it, I spotted said wall inside the old neighborhood bookstore.

Store manager Jon Lee really has a knack for arranging book in an enticing way — I say that of my own accord, I swear; the fact that they give me a discount for writing this here blog has nothing whatsoever to do with it (or at least very little to do with it) — and I really like the way he uses the walls just inside the front door.

I snapped this photo a week or two ago so some of these titles may have shifted spots, but all are available. See if you can find something good to read on more renowned walls. I bet you a gold medal you can’t.

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