Letting the ‘Dog’ Out

A few months ago, Mrs. Raven and I acquired a puppy. Never mind that dogs are typically larger than birds; he’s our pet — not the other way around. Anyway, this bundle of joy has created some challenges primarily because, well, we have a bit of a language barrier. But, alas! I was browsing down at the old neighborhood bookstore and I spotted a new book I think is really going to help us raise a healthful and happy four-legged friend: The Well-Adjusted Dog by Nicholas Dodman.

Since I know many others in Northfield have beloved dogs in the family, here’s a summary of the book:

From a world-renowned animal behaviorist and leading authority in the veterinary field comes this comprehensive, holistic seven-step approach to caring for your adult dog, including health, behavior, and environment.

In this essential new book, Dodman draws on some twenty-five years of clinical experience to bring together the art — and science — of dog ownership. Forty-two percent of dog owners in this country report problems managing their dogs’ behavior. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As Dr. Dodman points out, almost every dog problem can be either treated or, better yet, prevented. His book shows you how, offering what he calls “continuing education” for dogs and their owners. A comprehensive, seven-step approach takes on the whole dog — his health, behavior, and environment — and lays the groundwork for the proper care and training of our best friends, for life.

You will discover:

• how much exercise your dog really needs (and why)
• how diet can affect behavior
• how to communicate clearly with your dog
• how to lead your dog, not dominate him
• how to prevent or deal with your dog’s fears

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