Sign the Declaration of Independence

People all over the country are doing it. No, I don’t mean going to see The Dark Night. I’m talking about a different form of action that Batman surely would endorse: They are signing a declaration of independence.

But this is not your great, great, great, great grandfather’s Declaration of Independence. No. It’s something more 21st century, and in order to sign this declaration one does not have to wear a wig or sit inside a sweaty room.

River City Books is a proud member of IndieBound — a successor program to Book Sense (long live Book Sense!) that has the ambitious and important goal of rallying passionate readers around a celebration of independent stores and independent thinking. IndieBound is about raising awareness, it’s about reaching out, and it’s about taking pride not just in River City Books but in the community RCB serves.

By now it’s well established — this isn’t the lone opinion of a stray bird — that independent bookstores benefit everyone. They help local economies; they create good jobs; they leave more tax money at home; they are much more environmentally friendly (has that ever been more important?); and they help build and sustain unique communities.

It’s a good time to stand up and join fellow individuals in the IndieBound mission of supporting local businesses and celebrating independents. You can sign the declaration here. And, of course, you can support your local bookstore here.

Local is good — that’s no Joker.

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