‘Visit’ The Store, See ‘The Band’

I don’t know about you but by this point in the summer I am summer blockbustered out. Blockbustered may not be a word, but stay with me. Point is that Hollywood so often — too often — makes movies with the lowest common denominator in mind. When I get tired of scanning the listings and seeing only smash-up sequels and potty-mouth farces I turn to the old neighborhood bookstore. That’s right, River City Books not only has DVDs the store has really good DVDs.

The selection includes indie films and international hits you can’t find anywhere else in town. If you’re not ready for another Will Farrell vehicle stop on by. One you might want to consider is “The Band’s Visit.”

A synopsis: When an Egyptian police brass band travels to Israel to play at the opening of an Arab arts center, they wind up abandoned and lost in a remote desert town in this charming cross-cultural comedy. Defying expectations, the tiny Israeli community embraces the musicians, and both the Egyptians and the locals learn a few things about one another — and themselves — in this witty winner of the Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard prize.

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