A Well-Timed Author Event

Is there a better time of the year than the Defeat of Jesse James Days? For me, that’s not even a question. Not only can I play bingo, watch raid re-enactments, and ride the rides, DJJD is my version of Thanksgiving — stretched over a long weekend. You have no idea how much perfectly edible, good-and-greasy food ends up in those garbage bins!

This year, though, I’m planning a feast break. That’s because Thomas Maltman, author of the critically acclaimed The Night Birds, will appear at River City Books from 2 to 4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 6, to sign copies and talk with readers. I hope you’ll also stop by the store during this free event.

There are a lot of reasons to check out “The Night Birds.” For one, it’s set in 1876 Minnesota and the infamous James-Younger gang, preparing to rob Northfield (not this time!), makes an appearance. For another, the book has received terrific reviews and several awards, including the Alex Award; the WWA Spur Award (for best first Western novel); and the Friends of American Writers Literary Award. And, perhaps most important, this compelling story features a pair of ravens!

If money matters, “The Night Birds” is on sale for 15 percent off throughout the weekend. Weather permitting, Maltman will sit at a table in front of the store. So, hey, you don’t even have to take a break from the festivities. You can bring those cheese curds with you. I won’t nibble on them. Unless you leave them unattended for more than eight minutes.

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