You’re Invited to the Party

I love parties (as too many of you well know) and I love books (duh). I especially love good books written by authors will local ties. So you know I won’t miss the bookish party River City Books is throwing this weekend.

RCB will host a book-release party for Laura Goering, author of the children’s book Whistling Wings, at noon on Saturday, Sept. 27, at the store. 

Goering is a professor of Russian at Carleton College.

“Whistling Wings,” published by Sylvan Dell, known for its fictional tales with educational themes, is the story of Marcel, a young tundra swan, who is tired from the first half of winter migration. One thousand miles is a long way to fly — too long for Marcel — so he hides in the rushes to stay behind while his parents and the flock continue south. But with the lake nearly frozen over, he soon realizes he is not cut out for life on ice. Other animals offer advice about how to survive the winter, but their ways of living aren’t right for the swan. Hungry and scared, he falls asleep only to be awakened by a big surprise.

The party is free and children of all ages are invited.

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