Everything is Connected

More and more I have come to think the universe is connected in ways that can only be explored on conspiracy radio broadcast very late at night. See, I was down at the old neighborhood bookstore and I talked a reader who wanted to read Home by Pulitizer Prize-winning novelist Marilynne Robinson. Nothing weirdly cosmic about that. Robinson is all over the media these days. But then I picked up a flier and saw that Robinson is coming to Northfield. That’s right, she’s giving the Christopher U. Light Lecture at Carleton College in November. So that’s a quinky-dink, eh? But then it’s gets freaky right around the time — all of these events, I need to mention, happened within minutes of each other — I visited the bargain book table. What did I find? Housekeeping by, well, you know who. The book is priced right, too, for just $4.99. There’s nothing magical about that. RCB as great bargain books seven days a week. But don’t tell me all these things are just a coincidence because neither I, nor the late-night talk show hosts, will buy it.

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