Greetings, Cards

cards1I was down at the old neighborhood bookstore last night and I saw something that really got me goosed, er, um, jazzed (I’m nothing if not sensitive about bird biased language). River City Books now has a bigger-better selection of greeting cards.

There are Christmas, Chanukah, birthday, anniversary, blanks (I like the blanks!), and on down the line. There are two racks full near the register and another display at the entrance. River City has carried greeting cards in the past, but nothing as snazzy as these new ones. There are some really high quality cards in the mix, cards that have been hand silk-screened or hand letter pressed.

And none too soon, either. With the holidays on the horizon I am especially grateful because though I would just as soon skip the card part of gift-giving Mrs. Raven will not allow us to give a gift sans a card. This means I would have to make another stop and, frankly, I am much too lazy to do that.

Now I can pick up a book — or a gift certificate; nothing wrong with those! — and a card and be done with it. I mean, and have a nice, presentable gift for someone I care deeply about.

Seriously, next time you’re there, check these babies out. My picture doesn’t do ‘em justice.

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