Go Green, Save Greenbacks

rcb-bagsThis year I am thankful for all the good books I have read, all of the good food I have eaten, and all of the money I will save from this day forward. What in a turkey’s name am I talking about? Let me explain: Yesterday I stopped by River City Books and picked up one of their new handy and sturdy shopping bags. While making this purchase I also bundled up as many books as I could fit into that bag and at the register the kindly bookseller took 10 percent off my entire bill! What’s more, every time I bring my bag back to the store they are going to take an extra five percent off the tally. This is five percent, mind you, on top of any sales or bargains they are already offering. Meaning, the 15 percent discount I usually get for buying my book club’s book at RCB suddenly becomes a 20 percent discount. So I always save. I also feel good because when I tote my bag (they have two snazzy styles to choose from; click the pic to enlarge) I stop consuming all those unneeded plastic bags that are jammed into my cupboard as though I might suddenly need 26 of them at a moment’s notice. So this is the ultimate win-win. I save money, I reduce clutter, and I help the environment. Now you know why I am thankful.

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