Bigger-Better Bargain Basement

So I went downstairs the other day. Yes, Virginia, there is a downstairs! And, whoa, I was kind of blown away (not an easy trick for a creature who spends his time in wind). I have long known and often taken advantage of River City Books’ bargain basement, finding great books for cheap-cheap-cheap. It has been the answer for me countless times, whether I was after gifts for friends or gifts for, well, yours truly. But what they’ve done down there recently is really freaking cool. They’ve brought in some vertical bookshelves, slid in a bunch of additional tables and filled them all with novels, poetry, reference books, books for kids, DVDs (so many low-priced DVDs!), histories, mysteries and more, more, more! Literally, the store’s inventory expanded by some factor that is beyond my facility with numbers. (A bird who writes … and you expect math, too?). The revamped bargain basement is so impressive it has shifted my entire plan when I zip through River City Books’ front door. Used to be I would go downstairs only after a spell browsing the tables up top. No longer. The basement is now the penthouse — the first place I look for books. Especially when I have my holiday shopping list tucked under my wing.

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