Pretty Good Gift Idea: Blue Bag It

rcb-bagsWith this post I am launching a series I will call Pretty Good Gift Ideas and I call them Pretty Good Gift Ideas because — let me try to spit out this complex concept in a coherent way — the posts will contain holiday gift ideas that are pretty good.

That is, of course, if you accept my definition of pretty good. Mrs. Raven doesn’t always, I must admit, but alas …

I often hear people claim that a certain gift is the kind of “gift that keeps on giving” but usually in my case that’s not a good thing (like the time we were treated to pizza — this was not at any of Northfield’s fine squared pizza palaces — and the next day the whole family was ill). Well, dear reader(s), here’s a gift idea that truly provides its recipient with sustained benefits of the sort that will make them think fondly of you for years after they open the box: A reusable bag and gift card combo from River City Books.

First of all, the gift card. The person suddenly has free dough to spend on books of their choosing. Enough said. But then the bag. Every time (forever) you use one of River City Books’ new handy and sturdy reusable shopping bags you receive five percent off your entire purchase. This is on top off other discounts. Meaning, every time your lucky ducky uses the gift you have given he or she is able to save, save, save. The bag is just $14.99 but everything, including the bag, is 10 percent off on that initial purchase. So even you get a “gift” when you give this one!

This is such a great idea that it probably should not even qualify for “pretty good” status. But then I wouldn’t be able to call the series Pretty Good Gift Ideas and, well, it took me most of the weekend to come up with such cleverness.

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