Pretty Good Gift Idea: Crafty Combo

knittersThis one comes from as reliable a source as they have down at the old neighborhood bookstore: Sue de Malignon (I call her Sue D. because my French isn’t so good), who has been there as long as there has been a there there. Not only is Sue the store’s clothing expert and moderator of the River City Books book club (I went last time and learned a lot and laughed even more), she is also a whiz when it comes to wrapping gifts. I am telling you, you should buy something while she’s working just so you can give a gift that has been wrapped by her. Really doesn’t matter what’s inside because she’ll wrap it with such artistry that the person who receives it may not have the heart to open it up.

In her spare time, Sue came up with this gift idea: Buy a knitting, craft or design book — her recommendations include Home by Design by Sarah Susanka and The Knitter’s Bible by Clarie Crompton — and couple it with an item or gift certificate from Digs. Or, just as good, Sue added, would be a beading book (Complete Beading by Jema Hewitt is a good one) with a gift certificate from Glass Garden.

It’s a great idea — and an even better one if you have Sue wrap it for you. Say it with me: Wrapping is always free at RCB!

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One Comment on “Pretty Good Gift Idea: Crafty Combo”

  1. Sue D. Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, old Raven!

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