Pretty Good Gift Idea: Heart By Way of Tummy

cookingSo you’re down to the wire and you have no idea what to give the hardest person in the world to shop for. But you just know it can’t be another gift card because you’ve given this person a gift card every year for umpteen years. Here’s one area where you can almost certainly not go wrong: food. Glorious food. Hey, we all gotta eat, right? Most of us even have to (or want to?) make it for ourselves. Especially these days, people are getting back to basics, making meals at home, eating in comfortable settings with those they know and love. So here’s the pretty good idea: Pick up a great book from River City Books’ cooking section — they are not all strictly recipe books — and pair it with, say, a gift certificate from the local food co-op. The book provides the plan. The certificate provides the tools. Many books in the cooking section help us eat healthfully while still inspiring meals that warm the tummy, which is important to many of us. It is important to me, too. Or will be. Right after the holidays.

Note that RCB will be closed tomorrow, Dec. 25. Happy holidays to all!

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