Presidential Poetry

prez-poemYou know what, I really liked that poem that was read at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. “Praise Song for the Day” is its name and Elizabeth Alexander is its author. Hey, that’s a tall order. For one, you’re writing for such an historic occasion that, like, everyone’s going to remember, maybe for years! And then you have competing pressures of appeasing both the masses and the critics, who, you know, will scrutinize your every word like a banker scrutinizes a bailout. If there’s a writer who can identify, you’re reading him. What, you think it’s easy being the only bird who can write? In any event, I was at River City Books last night and I saw that they can a couple of copies of a nifty little chapbook of “Praise Song for the Day” and if you liked it, too, you just might want to pick one up.

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